Canine Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy has proven to be beneficial for all dogs. In working dogs it can prevent injury and ensure they are in optimum condition, it can identify any muscular asymmetries, or possible muscular pain preventing extensive time off. 

 Physiotherapy is not just for working dogs, it is also advantageous for companion canines. Older dogs that may find getting up the stairs more difficult will benefit from regular physiotherapy, it aids mobility and ensures the dog is comfortable. Therapy is also helpful following injury or surgery for conditions such as elbow and hip dysplasia. In some cases physiotherapy can be recommended as an alternative to surgery for example in conditions such as low grade luxating patella

Leanne works closely with vets and other paraprofessionals such as hydrotherapists to ensure the best therapeutic plan is put in to place to provide positive progression and the best outcome for the dog.  



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